Myself a.k.a. Yu-tang.
Motor cycle, car, clothes, and music. No any of these elements no my life.

But, you know what's more important than that?
Yes, without my family and friends, even my life won't mean anything.


Tokyo Bikenight is the biggest street event that I am organizing in Japan.

What's the different? My bike night is to connect people.

What's most important? It's not just a meeting. we have to run !!!


New York is the city where I am inspired for my style.

Experiences in N.Y. since 2000.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten island, and NJ.


Urban Ryders M.C. is the biggest super sports motor cycle club that the president Yu-Tang's most proud of.

We are not just riding crew. We are just like a big family from all over the country .

Urban Ryders Policy,


Now and then of Super Bike.

Since 90's, customs and stunt styles have keep changing in the scene

From all of my collections,
I introduce the changes of bike scene.

Now & Then of Cars.

画像 012.jpg

Let me talk about anything I feel through my life.

talk about bike,

talk about music,

talk about fashion,

talk about family and friends......


Brooklans is origin of
Yu-Tang. It was a hood team represented from Kawasaki,
created by Yu-Tang, Nari, and Mas.

Act since 1998 to 2008.

Here are Brooklans tracks.


Early 90's, it was a period of the golden time of Hip Hop scene.
Also most of my lifestyles are inspired from 90's Hip Hop culures.

Here are some of the art works that I want to introduce from unknown numbers of my collections.
Magazins, publishity photos. clothes, vinyl, and more.....